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Oil and Gas Division


This business unit uses state-of-the-art technology to improve low well productivities. ArticCan and its partners have successfully worked in the past to develop low producing wells in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America. Our team provides a wide range of services to minimize costs, reduce emissions, increase reserves and recovery factors, as well as extend pool production life. Our engineers conduct numerical simulation and physical reservoir modeling to determine the appropriate recovery technologies for client’s operations. ArticCan’s has extensive experience applying innovative enhanced oil recovery technologies to maximize oil recovery.

ArticCan also offers engineering analysis services to identify and rank candidate opportunities for workovers, infill drilling, artificial lift, and enhanced oil recovery. Our engineering modeling group provides services to simulate, predict, and optimize production performance. We conduct field development planning, FEED studies, debottlenecking, field redevelopments, and operations optimization. ArticCan’s production operation management services assist our clients with detection, diagnosis, and remediation of production problems and improvement of operational performance.

ArticCan offers waste management and environmental management services to its clients. Our team is experienced in collection, handling, treatment and disposal services of drilling mud fluids. ArticCan provides cost-effective, custom drilling waste management solutions to reduce waste generation and environmental impact of operations, and comply with strict environmental standards. Our equipment is designed in a modular format enabling the implementation of unique configurations that fit a wide range of operating needs. ArticCan’s drilling mud treatment system can treat both water and oil-based drilling muds.


Examples of Recent Projects