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Oil and Gas Division


This business unit provides oil and gas offshore and onshore pipelines design, engineering, construction and integrity management; compressor, pump and meter station design and engineering; gas processing plant design, engineering and construction management. ArticCan’s capabilities cover the entire asset life cycle, from conception to completion. Our experts propose engineering options and develop strategies for optimum project planning and design, cost and emission reduction. ArticCan works with our clients to select an optimum solution and maximize return on investment.

ArticCan develops designs that meet the functional requirements. ArticCan utilized advanced engineering software packages to carry out modeling and simulation studies. Our team works with clients through all stages of the project: planning, implementation, engineering design, procurement, construction, and commissioning.

ArticCan’s pipeline engineering group provides pipeline owners and operators with a complete suite of services for design and integrity program implementation. Our technical specialists assist clients throughout all stages of the project, from the conceptual configuration of the system to the selection of system components. ArticCan also provides pipeline integrity management services including maintenance and rehabilitation of oil and gas transmission, gathering and distribution pipelines as well as hydrocarbon storage tanks. ArticCan has technical capabilities and experienced personnel to work on any complex project.

The Oil and Gas Division works with other leading companies with experience in offshore platform design and construction to offer innovative solutions and high-tech technology to tackle most of the challenging environments in the world. It also offers modern technology for laying onshore and offshore small, medium and large size diameter pipes to reduce environmental footprint thus saving time and operational cost.


This unit services includes but no limited to:

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