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Oil and Gas Division


This business unit provides engineering and design services for refineries. Today’s refineries face many challenges: fluctuating crude prices, stricter environmental regulations, greater yield and process efficiency demands and tighter product specifications. ArticCan helps our customers to succeed in the dynamic and competitive business environment by providing cost-effective, innovative and safe solutions.

Our experience and capabilities include design and construction of new process units, expansions and unit revamps, turnarounds, clean fuels projects, residue upgrading, maintenance projects and asset management. We provide design, engineering, procurement, and construction services. ArticCan’s engineers benchmark and optimize refinery processes to reduce raw materials and energy use and decrease costs. ArticCan has the resources and capabilities to deliver refining projects in any phase.

ArticCan provides a full range of services to help our clients shape their planned investment to get the optimum solution, and then to develop the right execution plan to give the best chance of delivering success once the investment has been approved. ArticCan performs feasibility studies, configuration studies, technology evaluation and recommendations, risk management assessment, asset and life cycle optimization, and front-end engineering.

When it comes to delivering the project in the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) phase, ArticCan has an excellent track record. Our experienced engineers and project managers ensure that the project proceeds as planned – on schedule and budget.

From concept to commissioning, ArticCan develops and executes complex refining projects safely and successfully.


  • Market analysis
  • Investment planning
  • Due diligence
  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental studies
  • Front-end design
  • Engineering, procurement and construction
  • Project management
  • Commissioning
  • Asset management

Examples of Recent Projects